Sigi Goufas, CEO of funABC, has been responsible for quantity and quality of munberless happenings and events in Linz for nearly 20 years.

Deriving from the classical clubbing spirit of the early 80s he made his way into top quality gastronomy combined with art &music as a lifestyle happening.

Right now they start into their second season by bringing in their different personalities to a common idea of the food revolution.


Stefan Roth, CEO of Mundpropaganda GmbH, made his name by organizing events on public places downtown Graz for the last 15 years.

His CITYBEACH GRAZ, since 2005 the local interpretation of downtown beach flair at the Mur riverside in the center of Graz, has always been his statement to re-defintion of urban living and the permanent changes in contemporary music.

For more than 13 years Citybeach Graz has been platform to young performers and bands from all over Europe. A facebook community with more than 17.500 members, a website with more than 4.5 million page impressions during summer season and more than 45.000 annual guests in a gastgarden of a flat size need no further comment.

Beneath his Swing&Music Festival, Styrian Wine Days and more than 500 happenings in his hometown his dedication to the spirit of streetfood made him become a vagabond in the name of international cuisine. Since 2015 he has brought the spirit of „the snack around the corner“ to nearly any town or village in Austria. Among these venues are to mention such outstanding events as  Street Food Market Graz Edition October 2015 with more than 100 exhibitors representing more than 20 nations and 41.000 guests ( Europe‘s biggest market).


Mitja Špes, the CEO at FACTUMEVENT, a well-known organizer of cultural, sports, musical and culinary events in Maribor and elsewhere in Slovenia.

Most recognized events: Opera night in the park, he is organizer and coordinator of various World and European sports championships, organizer and co-organizer of music festivals in Slovenia and abroad (Škisova tržnica, Bitola open Festival), Head of the program of the European Capital of Youth Maribor 2013, the organizer of major conferences. In good co-operation with co-organizers from Austria, he is the organizer of more and more culinary events (STREET FOOD MARKET, Gala Dinners, Theme Catering).

His lifestyle is the organization of events, where each of them is unique and unusual.